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With a history of established and long-standing supply, Vexos stands as your reliable partner for all your plastic and rubber parts needs. Our strong collaboration with supply partners allows us to offer a wide array of capabilities that cater to various industries, including industrial, automotive, medical, communications, and smart grid markets. We take pride in our comprehensive spectrum of services, ranging from prototype tooling and material sampling to single and multi-cavity production.

Our team is dedicated to meeting the diverse requirements of our customers, and we ensure the highest quality standards are always maintained. Our Vexos-qualified suppliers adhere to stringent operating conditions and undergo regular component inspections. This commitment to quality helps us achieve our primary goal of delivering zero rejects to our valued customers.

Our offerings include:

  • Injection Molded Plastic Parts
  • Rubber Molded Parts
  • Plating, Painting, Laser, Coating, Pad Printing And Overmold
  • Printing
  • Mold Design

Excellence in Plastics

Vexos has extensive experience with a wide range of plastics products from low to high volume. We help our customers develop plastic parts for the industrial, automotive, medical, communications, and smart grid markets. Vexos’ supply network has the deep-rooted expertise to produce a wide range of plastic products, including two-color injection molding, medical overmolds, insert molding and assembly services. With cutting-edge technologies, our supplier partners are equipped to handle the intricacies of any project.

High-Quality Rubber & Silicon

Vexos and its supplier base excel in manufacturing a wide range of rubber products, including silicon keypads and components, ranging from simple gaskets to intricately designed multi-colored keypads. We specialize in crafting customized high-quality, durable silicon parts that are precise, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our expertise covers an extensive selection of materials, offering both low and high durometer options to meet even the most demanding requirements. Whether you need components capable of withstanding high and low service temperatures, various tactile actuation forces, or with thin and thick wall cross-sectional areas, we have you covered.

Painting and Silkscreen Services

Vexos offers a diverse range of printing services, including screen printing and pad printing tailored for plastic and rubber parts. We offer printing in single color, multi-color and cater to a wide array of industries, spanning automotive, electronics, medical devices, aviation, communication, and smart grid. With industry experts on board and our expertise, we deliver exceptional labeling solutions that precisely align with the unique requirements of businesses operating in these sectors.

Precision Crafted Mold Designs

Vexos molding partners have modern in-house mold/tool design and fabrication capabilities and utilize modern CNC machines for advanced-quality equipment and testing. We perform mold flow analyses for optimal gate locations to ensure the part is designed for manufacturability.

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