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At Vexos, we are committed to offering you the highest quality metal products in stamping, die-casting, CNC machining, and metal extrusions. Our products are developed with the latest manufacturing technologies, supported by international quality standards, and are globally competitive. We strive to exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery, reliability and service as we build a productive relationship based on exceptional customer satisfaction. Offering the highest quality metal products in the areas of sheet metal and machining developed with the latest manufacturing technologies and supported by international standards.

Metal Fabrication

  • Sheet Metal
  • Engraving, Enclosure
  • Finishes and Plating
  • Castings
  • Extrusions & Heat Sink
  • CNC Machining

Finishes and Plating

Our surface finishing options include passivation, electroplating, spray painting, powder coating, chromate conversion coatings, and silk screen printing, ensuring your products receive the perfect touch for appearance and functionality.

At Vexos, cater to a broad range of industries, including industrial, automotive, medical, communications, and smart grid markets. For surface finishes that enhance both functionality and aesthetics, we offer plating, anodizing, zinc, nickel, clear chromate, passivation, and electro-polish (outsourced services), ensuring your components receive the perfect finishing touch.

Enclosure and Engraving

The art of precision metal engineering and processing through the pressure cutting, forming, and bending of metal, is an integral part of Vexos’ ability to provide both individual components and complex assemblies primarily used in the electronic and electro-mechanical assembly markets.

We offer laser cutting services for lower volume NPIs (New Product Introductions) that transition into hard tooling and stamping. As part of our commitment to excellence, we also provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services to ensure the specifications align with customer feedback. Our advanced infrastructure allows us to handle multi-stamping operations, and we also offer additional post-operation services, including welding, and riveting.

To accommodate high-volume NPIs, we can offer hard tooling equipment, including punching machines and high-output stamping machines, capable of meeting more repeatable production demands. Our skilled team is proficient in handling a wide range of requests, from low to high volume NPIs, ensuring we can effectively serve various project scales.

Sheet Metal

For sheet metal, our partners have CNC punches and laser cutter machines. These machines enhance our capabilities and enable us to deliver precision and efficiency in our stamping operations. Additionally, we are committed to selecting the most suitable suppliers that align with our unique business demands, ensuring that we maintain high-quality standards and meet our client’s specific needs effectively.


Vexos specializes in providing die-cast metal components that meet stringent specifications and industry standards. Our advanced precision casting facilities cater to both small and large volume runs, making us one of the leading manufacturers of metal castings. Metals can be die-cast, sand cast and investment-cast.

We work with a variety of materials, including aluminum, magnesium, and zinc, and utilize hot and cold chamber casting equipment to ensure optimal casting results. Our expertly designed and fabricated dies, combined with engineering technical expertise and project management input, ensure maximum part yield and efficiency. We offer a comprehensive range of secondary equipment and processes that enable us to convert castings into fully compliant final components and assemblies. Secondary operations, such as drilling, tapping, and CNC machining, allow us to incorporate features that may not be easily achievable through die-casting alone. Our services extend to assembly and consumer packaging, ensuring that we deliver fully finished products ready for use.

Extrusions and Heat Sink

Vexos extrusion products generally fall into two category types: extruded shell casings, housings, panels, and other general-use extrusions; and extruded thermal management products, commonly called heat sinks.

Vexos offers a diverse range of extrusion products, including complex profile heat-sinks, housings, and structural components. Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloys, our extrusions ensure top-notch performance and durability. We provide comprehensive services, from tooling design and fabrication to billet casting, ensuring precise and efficient manufacturing. Our secondary operations, such as stamping, drilling, tapping, grinding, brushing, and CNC machining, further enhance functionality and design possibilities. We deliver top-tier extrusion products that cater to diverse industries and applications, meeting unique project requirements with unmatched quality and versatility.

CNC Machining

Vexos can help provide precision machined metal components meeting the most rigid specifications and industry standards. From small to medium volume runs, our supply partners’ precision facility is an excellent option for your machining needs. Equipped with 3 to 5 axis CNC machines, we ensure unparalleled precision and efficiency in our machining processes. In addition to machining, we provide a range of operations, including drilling, tapping, grinding, brushing, lathing, and both horizontal and vertical metal band saw cutting, expanding the capabilities and customization options for your components. Our materials expertise extends to stainless steel and aluminum alloys, guaranteeing robust and reliable performance for diverse applications. Our highly trained supply partners utilized high-precision measuring equipment to ensure customer specifications are met. Vexos Metrology Capabilities includes Vertical Inspection Equipment, Visual Measuring Inspection Machine and 2D Reverse Engineering painting or powder coating.

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