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From the simplest component to the most intricate assembly, VEXOS is committed to offering our customers the highest quality electro-mechanical component solutions for a diverse group of industries including medical, consumer electronics, automotive, LED lighting and more.

Electro-Mechanical Components

  • Silicon Keypads
  • Membrane Switches
  • Touchscreen

Silicon Keypads

VEXOS manufactures a variety of rubber keypads and components - from simple gaskets to complex multi-colored keypads. Low and high durometer materials that can meet the most demanding requirements, high and low service temperatures, various tactile actuation forces, as well as thin and thick wall cross-sectional areas. Our tooling capabilities include single-cavity prototypes to complex multi-cavity compression molds that produce parts requiring no post-mold deflashing, saving our customers money. Vexos also provides plastic keycap-to-silicon covers and employs polycarbonate film for enhanced durability. Additionally, they offer protective coatings, including clear, gloss, matte, and epoxy coatings, as well as metal and EM shielding. With expertise in prototype and production tooling design, Vexos ensures efficient and reliable solutions for its customers.

Membrane Switches

Vexos is a leading provider of membrane switch solutions, renowned for delivering exceptional manufacturing services with strict cosmetic standards and unwavering reliability, all while offering rapid prototyping and quick turnaround for final production-level parts. With in-house mold and tool design capabilities, Vexos delivers comprehensive services. Vexos offers membrane switches with multiple colors and phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) options along with laser etch and silk-screen graphics for customization. Our environmentally sealed options ensure durability and protection. We also employ screen printing, offset printing, and digital printing techniques for customization and branding needs. All switch assemblies undergo 100% electrical testing, guaranteeing quality and reliability at every stage of production.


We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of touchscreen solutions, including integrated flex tails and bonded tail options. Our touchscreens can be stand-alone, laminated to glass, or integrated with LCD modules, providing versatility. We offer film-to-film (with/without substrate), film-to-film matrix, film-to-glass matrix, and film-to-glass resistive touch panels (4, 5, 8 wire), as well as film-to-glass analog capacitive touch panels. Connectivity options include flexible printed circuit (FPC) and heat seal connectors, with a smallest spacer dot of .035mm for precision. Additional features encompass color displays, high luminance TFT, wide viewing angles, wide temperature ranges, transflective TFT, OCA bonding, and touchscreen options (CTP/RTP) with various characteristics. We also offer complete monitor assembly for a comprehensive solution, along with drivers for standard products to meet diverse requirements.

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