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From concept to finished and tested cable assemblies or equipment sub-systems, Vexos provides comprehensive manufacturing of high-quality cable harness assemblies and cable systems for connectivity, industrial, medical, automotive, smart grid and display technology marketplaces.

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Our Services Include:

  • Custom raw cable design and manufacturing
  • Power cords
  • Waterproof cables (IP68, IP69)
  • Medical cables
  • Industrial harness
  • Automotive harness
  • Specialized RF cables*
  • Custom antenna

Coaxial / RF Cable Assemblies

  • Flexible & semi-rigid
  • Conformable / complex formed S/R
  • Corrugated / phase-matched
  • Low loss / low intermodal
  • (0-3 GHz) - (3-8 GHz) - (8- 26.5 GHz)
  • RF test cables (DC - 18GHz)
  • Power amplifiers

Custom Applications

  • Cut / strip / terminate wire, 4/0-30 gauge, soldering, tinning, heat shrink
  • Conduit assembly
  • Over-braiding of cable
  • Open looming – internal cable harnessing
  • Automatic crimping and quality monitoring
  • Connector insertion / flat ribbon cable
  • Label identification (128 Code or 2D)
  • Custom continuity and Hi-pot testing design
  • Multi-conductor cables, shielded, paired
  • Simple to complex harness assemblies
  • Automated cut and strip machines for round cable tubing
  • Harness design using 3D drawings or reverse engineering
  • Cleanroom ISO class 3 (1,000)
  • Traceability for every process step

Variety of Cable and Harness Assembly Capabilities:

  • Discrete wires 30-10 AWG
  • End terminated
  • Single or multi-wire and bundled
  • Multi discrete of (DC) power, signal & coaxial
  • Sub-assembly / kitting
  • Hardware & ancillary equipment
  • Wire wrap using X-Y machine
  • FFC (Flat Flex Cable)
  • Encapsulation molded cable assemblies
  • System wiring for internal and external interconnects
  • Custom/application-specific cable assemblies
  • Electro-mechanical subassemblies
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