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With 30 years of industry experience, VEXOS consistently provides exceptional expertise and innovative custom material solutions for electronics manufacturing.

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Experience comprehensive manufacturing with our one-stop service in Electro-Mechanical Components, Metal Fabrication, Molded Parts, and Cable & Harness Assembly.

VEXOS is committed to providing innovative custom material solutions for OEMs in the electronics industry. Our tailored material technologies enable OEMs to enhance product quality, minimize waste, and optimize resource utilization, providing a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving electronics manufacturing landscape.

Component Innovators

Electro-Mechanical Components

VEXOS specializes in delivering high-quality Electro-Mechanical Components designed to meet a diverse range of industry demands. Our expert team ensures seamless integration and enhanced performance, elevating your manufacturing processes to new heights.

Fabrication Experts


VEXOS excels in Metal Fabrication for the electronics sector, delivering precise and reliable solutions to meet diverse requirements. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring exceptional quality and craftsmanship for every project.

Premium Molded Parts

Assembly Solutions Excellence

Vexos offers top-tier molded parts and comprehensive assembly services tailored for diverse industries. With a legacy of reliable supply, advanced methods, and a dedicated team, we provide high-quality, consistent outcomes, ensuring the success of each endeavor.

Wiring Specialists

Cable & Harness

At VEXOS, we offer superior Cable & Harness Assembly services, delivering customized solutions for your electronics manufacturing needs. Our dedicated team ensures seamless integration and exceptional quality, delivering reliable and efficient results every time.

High-Quality Electro-Mechanical Components for Electronics

At VEXOS, we specialize in providing high-quality Electro-Mechanical Components that are tailored to meet the specific demands of the electronics industry. Our expert team delivers comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. From initial design to final assembly, we use state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship in every component we produce. Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Choose VEXOS for reliable and efficient Electro-Mechanical Components that enhance your electronics manufacturing capabilities.

High-Quality Metal Fabrication Solutions for Stamping, Die-Casting & Extrusions

At VEXOS, we specialize in providing high-quality metal fabrication solutions for stamping, die-casting, and extrusions. Our expert team is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to produce exceptional results. We pride ourselves on delivering superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, we provide customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you need a one-time fabrication or ongoing production, we have the expertise to deliver the highest quality metal products to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our metal fabrication solutions.

Premium Molded Parts & Assembly Solutions

At Vexos, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier molded parts and assembly solutions. Combining our extensive experience with cutting-edge technology, we deliver meticulously crafted components that align perfectly with industry standards and the unique requirements of our valued clients. Dive into a world of precision, quality, and unmatched expertise with our offerings.

Superior Cable & Harness Assembly Services for Advanced Electronics Manufacturing

Experience superior Cable & Harness Assembly Services designed for advanced electronics manufacturing. Our services are tailored to deliver customized solutions to meet your specific manufacturing needs. With a dedicated team committed to ensuring seamless integration and exceptional quality, we provide reliable and efficient results every time. For a robust, innovative solution that meets your Cable and Wire Harness Assembly requirements, trust Vexos.

Revolutionizing Industries with Optimized Electronics Manufacturing

Our commitment is to provide advanced custom material solutions that cater to diverse industries. We utilize our Partners’ deep expertise in electro-mechanical components, CNC machining, metal fabrication, and PCB design to enhance operational efficiency and product performance. Catering to sectors as varied as communications, automotive, aerospace, and more, we are a driving force supporting their innovation and progress.

Powering Connectivity



In the rapidly advancing communications industry, efficient manufacturing of electronic components is essential. Custom material solutions, including high-precision CNC machining, expert metal fabrication, and intricate cable & harness assembly, significantly enhance product reliability and longevity. Superior PCB design optimization is equally pivotal in ensuring high-frequency performance and signal integrity in complex communication systems, ultimately driving the future of connectivity.

Rugged Precision

Industrial Excellence


Industrial applications, especially within the Smart Grid industry, require the utmost in durability and reliability, and our custom solutions deliver just that. We optimize efficiency by leveraging our expertise in transferring energy, storing energy, and fabricating custom metal for electro-mechanical components and CNC machining. Our rigorous design process mitigates risks, reduces downtime, and enhances the operational performance of industrial machinery and energy systems.

Precision and Compliance

Medical Innovations


In the medical and biotechnology industries, accuracy and reliability are crucial. We cater to these needs with membrane switches, silicon keypads, and plastic enclosures, meticulously fabricated using advanced machining techniques. Our solutions, integral to medical devices, ensure top performance and compliance. Our contributions to molecular biology and drug delivery systems further enhance patient outcomes.

High-Speed Innovation

Computing Efficiency


Advancements in the computing industry hinge on innovation in electronic manufacturing, using components like plastics, metal, and PCBs. Our custom solutions offer superior electro-mechanical components, produced through top-tier CNC machining, metal stamping, and LED lights integration. We ensure precise cable & harness assembly for efficient power transmission, data communication, and touchpad interfaces. Our PCB design optimization maximizes component density and heat dissipation.

Driving Innovation

Automotive Precision


As the automotive industry shifts towards an electric and autonomous future, injection moulded plastics, metals, and efficient electronics manufacturing are pivotal. Our robust components, including LED lights and touchscreens, are crafted through expert CNC machining to endure harsh automotive conditions. Precise cable & harness assembly guarantees reliable systems, including LCD displays. PCB design optimization enables compact, high-performance circuits, essential for this innovative era in automotive applications.

Mission-Critical Excellence

Aerospace & Defense


In the aerospace and defense industries, stringent standards and mission-critical applications necessitate high-performance electronics. Our custom material solutions offer the precision of CNC machining and the strength of metal fabrication to produce superior electro-mechanical components. Rigorous cable & harness assembly ensures system resilience under extreme conditions. We further optimize PCB design for high-frequency, low-weight, and harsh environment capabilities vital for these industries.

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